vj-9-19-2-2My name is Valerie Johnson and I am an amateur family historian who began my family history search when I was in my 60’s.  After attending a genealogy conference and attending a class on blogging about family history, I decided to give it a try.

My greatest initial challenge was deciding on a title for my blog.  At first I had several titles that included the words family history or genealogy; but when I was trying to select a WordPress theme, I kept coming back to this one with the flower in the header.  After several hours, I decided on Flowers In The Garden.

Most gardens have many different types of flowers.  My mother is an avid gardener of roses.  I have no idea what the different types of roses are, I just know that they are all beautiful and a variety of colors and species.  When I think of African Americans and my own DNA in particular, we come in so many different skin tones, hair textures and ethnic mixtures – just like flowers in a garden.

I have no doubt that as I continue my ancestral journey, I will also find some weeds. When you have a garden, that’s to be expected.  I hope you’ll stop back from time to time to check on my garden.