The Disappearing Postage Stamps



Five years ago when stamps were 44 cents, I purchased a roll of 100 stamps. This was before I started paying most of my bills online.  A month or so after purchasing the stamps, they were nowhere to be found.  I looked in my desk drawer where I usually keep stamps.  I cleared everything off my desk, looked on the floor under the desk and behind the desk. I even looked in my husbands desk to see if he had “borrowed” them.

Three years after the stamps disappeared, I decided to rearrange my furniture and move fullsizerendermy china cabinet.  Lo and behold, there lay the roll of stamps, undoubtedly batted under the china cabinet by my 15 year old cat, Cocoa.  Of course by the time I found them, the price of stamps had risen again but I was still glad to find the stamps because I don’t like to waste money.

A few days ago I attended a genealogical/historical conference and bought some books for my cousin, Winnie.  Normally, when I mail packages I make a nice little label on Click-N-Ship.  This time I decided to use up the rest of those stamps that I lost years ago.  Postage to mail the books via media mail was $3.54. The stamps totaled $3.96 so I put them all on the package.

The ironic thing is that I hate putting a lot of stamps on packages because I associate that with something that old people do. I guess by some standards, it puts me right in that old people category.


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